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Great Places to Go Near North Wales Holiday Parks

If you have stayed at Plassey, one of the leading North Wales holiday parks before, then you will have some idea of just how beautiful the surrounding landscape is. Now that the first signs of spring are beginning to appear, it is the perfect time of year to get outdoors and explore the national park of Snowdonia, and the areas that surround it as well.

The diversity of the landscape that surrounds Plassey in Wales means there are opportunities for visitors to enjoy a variety of sights and activities – from woodland walks to leisurely strolls across the beach. With this in mind, we have selected some of the most beautiful places near to our caravan park, which will offer visitors a stunning view of the wilderness that is the Snowdonia National Park as well as the coast that North Wales is so well known for.



A small village within the Snowdonia National Park, which takes about an hour and 40 minutes in the car from Plassey – but is well worth the trek. It has built itself a reputation as a significant tourist attraction, due to its positioning in a valley at the confluence of the River Colwyn and River Glaslyn – with the picturesque bridge that crosses the River Colwyn being photographed many times over!

The village itself consists of various bars, cafes and restaurants and part of the restored Welsh Highlands Railway runs though the village as well. If you prefer a peaceful wood walk or want to cycle then head about a mile out of the village to the Beddgelert Forest – a conifer woodland just bursting with nature and wildlife.


Caernarvon Town

If you prefer a more coastal view, then head on over to Caernarvon Town which has a promenade that is always worth a visit. A bustling town with plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants it also has a Blue Flag beach marina with a maritime museum and an award-winning arts centre.

Popular with tourists, Caernarvon’s main attraction is possible its Castle – a mediaeval fortress which was built in the 13th century. Not only can you enter the interior of the castle, but visitors can also explore the gardens and internal museum. You can get some fantastic panoramic views of the town and the Irish Sea by climbing the castle walls.


Dinas Dinlle

One of our favourite beaches in North Wales, Dinas Dinlle is a pebbled beach that offers spectacular views of the Llyn Peninsula as well as the Isle of Anglesey.  Popular with surfers, it is one of the prettiest beaches in the area, making it a great place to head when the sun is out!

Regarded as a bit of a hidden gem, this beach is a great place to spend some time and unwind, perhaps by having a quiet stroll with your loved ones or even just sitting and watching the waves roll in. Served by a wide range of useful facilities such as public toilets, a car park and a cafe it is a great place to go. Be warned if you have a dog, though – they are banned from the central area of the beach from 1st May to 30th September.



A small village that rests at the foot of Snowden, on the southern bank of the Llyn Padarn Lake – it is a great place to begin your climb of Snowdon (if that is what you prefer!). Because of its situation, it is home to many outdoor activities such as walking, climbing, mountain biking and pony trekking as well as various water sports.

There are also plenty of other attractions nearby if outdoor activities aren’t your thing, including the Llanberis Lake Railway service, which will take you on a lovely scenic journey around the Llyn Padarn Lake. You could also visit the National Slate Museum which takes a look at the history of the Dinorwic slate quarry, which is now disused.


As you can see North Wales is not only one of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK, but there are a lot of activities you can take part in when you stay here as well. If you are considering a stay in one of the leading North Wales Holiday Parks, then please give the friendly team at Plassey a call on 01978 780 277 or drop us an email to enquiries@plassey.com


Caravan Holidays in North Wales are Better Than Holidays Abroad

As one of the leading parks offering caravan holidays in North Wales, nothing pleases us more than to hear the news that more people than ever in the UK have fallen in love with holidaying at home. And this new-found love is not restricted to just one sector of the population either – couples, families and retired people are all packing their bags for a stay in this great country of ours! One reason for this may be that there are so many different ways to enjoy holidays in the UK – be it in a tent, a caravan, glamping or a holiday home.  However, if you are one of the people who still isn’t convinced that the UK is best for holidays, then here are some of the top reasons why you should be considering it:



The most obvious cost savings when it comes to booking a family break in the UK is that you will not be forking out for an expensive flight to start with. However, this is not the only cost saving you will make. There are lots of smaller financial savings such as expensive food at airports, commission charged on changing currency, and so on. Holidaying in the UK will cut all of these little elements out and could end up saving you a fortune. 



Flying abroad for holidays and spending our money overseas can be a great boost to that country’s economy, so why not help to boost our own instead? Tourism is a huge business the world over, not least in the UK, and there are many companies (including ourselves) who rely on visitors to keep them going.


The Environment

We are all much more aware of how the things that we do impact on the environment, and so the fact that air travel is so widely available may not be such a good thing as it has a massive impact on the environment – and not in a good way! Holidaying in an area local to you – such as North Wales – and packing your car with your friends or family will help keep pollution to a minimum which can only be a good thing!


More Holidays

As we have mentioned before, holidaying in the UK usually tends to work out a bit cheaper than holidaying abroad – which could mean that you can have more holidays in the year. Instead of just having one family holiday in the summer, you could take a few short breaks spread out over the year, and enjoy more quality times with those that you love.


New Friends

Choosing to stay at a caravan holiday park in North Wales, such as Plassey, means that you are likely to want to come back time and time again. We have seen many cases where families come back often and meeting up with other families, and these friendships just keep on blossoming over the years.


Pack More

The baggage restrictions on airplanes these days seem to be shrinking rapidly, and a lot of companies are now charging for baggage. Booking a stay at Plassey means that you can pack your car to the gills with whatever you need and find that space you need for the toy you child loves or that extra pair of shoes that you just can’t live without!


Less Paperwork

We all know that panic you feel when you realise there is only a few days to your holiday and you realise your passport has run out. Staying in the UK means that you don’t need a passport, or a visa or even any vaccinations. One less thing to worry about when planning your family holiday.



What better way to beef up your feeling of British Pride than to visit some of our nation’s most beautiful destinations. I mean in Wales, for example, we have beaches that can rival some of the best in the world.  What is the sense in flying off to explore other parts of the world, when you don’t even know what is on your own doorstep? We are very lucky to live in a stunning country which has all sorts of sights to interest all kinds of people.


Travel Time

When you are thinking of holidaying abroad, it is often easy to underestimate the actual time you will spend travelling. For example, if you are going by plane, you don’t just have to factor in the flying time but also the time spent sitting in the airport as well. Or, if you are travelling by car and ferry, then you will need to think about frequent break stops with the kids and the amount of time you will spend just sitting in the car. Choosing to stay in the UK means that you will cut down on your travel time dramatically, which is great news if you are travelling with kids – as we all know how hard it can be to keep them entertained on a long journey!


If we have convinced you to stay in the UK this year, and enjoy a stay-cation at Plassey, then please give us a call on 01978 780 277 to discuss our available dates, or send us an email to enquiries@plassey.com


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