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2018 is Wales’ Year of the Sea

In the past few years, The Welsh Government has focused on changing the perception of Wales by promoting everything about Wales that makes it a distinctive place to visit – such as the experiences, events and world-class products available here. As one of the leading touring sites in Wales, Plassey are delighted that for 2018 the theme they have chosen is the Sea! We think this is a fantastic idea, and a great way to show people all over the World, the epic coastlines, lakes and rivers we have in this beautiful part of the world.

We don’t know if you are aware, but the focus in 2016 was “Year of Adventure” which focused largely on the wide range of activities visitors can participate in in Wales. This year it was “Year of the Legends” which was more about celebrating the past, present and future of Wales. “Year of the Sea” builds nicely on these and leads into 2019 which will be the “Year of Discovery” focusing on the fact that Wales is packed full of activities and events.

Why the focus on the sea this year then? Well, if you take a close look at Wales on a map you will see that it is surrounded by sea on three of its four sides! It is one of the most dominant features of the area, and really drives a lot of the tourism here. Because of the way our country is laid out, we not only have around 50 islands and 230 beaches but we can also boast a unique 870-mile coast path that runs the entire length of the shore! Wales also boasts the UK’s only coastal-based National Park, and Britain’s first area of outstanding beauty. Many cities within Wales are also renewing their links with the sea as well, with investment in marinas and waterfront areas in both Swansea and Cardiff.

This focus on the sea means that Wales is going to an even more exciting place to visit next year, so we are anticipating a very busy year! The Welsh Government is asking all businesses within Wales to think about what experiences they can offer visitors that are authentic, creative and alive! After all, Wales has such a great history and heritage, set in a beautiful and bold landscape – it really does have something for everyone to enjoy.

There are some fantastic events and experiences planned for next year, including

  • An Epic Easter campaign (more information to follow)
  • The Man-Engine – a mechanical giant which will tour Wales starting at Blaenavon and finishing at the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea
  • The Volvo Ocean Race – Cardiff is hosting a leg of the ultimate round-the-world nautical challenge, the Volvo Ocean Race, in May/June next year
  • Wale Air show in Swansea
  • Pembrokeshire Fish Week
  • Wales Rally GB


The best way to sum up 2018 in Wales is probably in the words of the Welsh Government themselves:

“In 2018 discover new epic experiences all around our shores. This is our Year of the Sea. The 870-mile Wales Coast Path passes seascapes of breath-taking variety, hundreds of beaches, harbours, inlets and islands. Or follow the rivers upstream to the inland shores of our lakes and reservoirs. A warm Welsh welcome, a unique culture, the finest food and drink… this is the greatest coastal experience of 2018. Welcome to our epic shores. #FindYourEpic”

If you want to get involved in Wales Year of the Sea, then book your spot at one of the country’s leading touring sites by calling our friendly team today on 01978 780 277 or enquiries@plassey.com

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