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6 Reasons to Give Glamping a Go

Camping and caravanning have long been seen as a great way to enjoy some time away, but there is a newcomer to this area of holidaying – glamping. Glamping is the current buzzword in the camping world, as it offers a more luxurious take on classic outdoor accommodation and is a completely different experience to the sometimes damp and drizzly camping experience! As one of the leading North Wales holiday parks, offering both traditional camping and caravanning experiences and glamping experiences in the near future, we are excited to share some great reasons why you should consider glamping in 2017!


  1. You Will Stay Dry!

We haven’t finalised the designs for our glamping offering yet, but you can rest assured that we will go out of our way to make sure that you do not wake up in a puddle – whatever the weather! Glamping puts an end to open tent doors, holes in the structure and condensation, meaning you will stay warm and dry all night long.


  1. No Pitching Needed

Does anyone really enjoy pitching a tent? We’ve seen a fair few midnight peg hammering sessions and families trying to pitch tents in torrential rainstorms – and that is no fun for anyone! One of the joys of glamping is that everything is ready for you when you arrive, so you can just unpack straight away and get on with enjoying some family time.


  1. Great for All Ages

The older generation can be put off by the thought of having to spend a night or two under canvas, and this may mean that they don’t join you on your family camping get-togethers. However, glamping is a much more comfortable camping experience and far less physically demanding than classic camping, meaning the whole family can enjoy some time together in a beautiful setting.


  1. A Real Bed!

Forget lumpy floors, condensation on the ground, freezing nights and sleeping bags, when you are glamping you can enjoy a cosy night’s sleep in a warm and dry bed – like a home from home.


  1. Cosy Atmosphere

We don’t want to bash classic camping too much, after all, it is still one of the best ways to spend time together as a family in some of nature’s most beautiful surroundings and glamping is the same really, just with a touch of luxury attached – and who doesn’t like a touch of luxury?


  1. Weather-proof

A weekend in Wales wouldn’t be a weekend in Wales without a spot or two of rain now, would it? We love a bit of rain as it keeps our surroundings looking so green and lush. But damp toes are no fun for anyone, so when we put together out glamping area we will go out of our way to ensure that you stay warm and dry whenever the heaven opens!


Glamping is just one of the ways you can enjoy spending some time at Plassey, as we also offer tent, caravan and motorhome pitches in some of the most glorious scenery within the UK. To find out more about one of the leading North Wales holiday parks, please call us on 01978-780-277 or send us an email to enquiries@plassey.com

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