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A North Wales Caravan Parks Guide to Walking up Snowdon

At Plassey, we are lucky enough to be situated about an hour and a half drive away from Pen-Y-Pass – one of the most popular spots for people to begin their walk-up Snowdon.  As one of the most popular North Wales Caravan Parks, we have had many people staying with us who have done the walk-up Snowdon – in blazing sunshine, in snow and more often than not in the chilly welsh drizzle.

We have done the walk ourselves many times, and so we know it can be done when you are as prepared or unprepared as you like. Some people do it in jeans and converse with nothing more than a bottle of water in their back pocket, while others do it in the latest hi-tech clothing with a backpack full of supplies. While it is entirely up to you how you do it, we would recommend something in the middle. You don’t need a lot of equipment as it is not Everest at the end of the day, but it is a bit more strenuous than a stroll in the park so you should be a little bit prepared.

So, here is our guide to what to wear when walking up Snowdon:


Base layers – The weather is usually quite chilly around the area, so we would suggest starting with a regular vest and then add on a long sleeved thermal top. You could also put a sweatshirt over this, bearing in mind that you will probably whip the sweat-shirt off quite quickly but it is worth having for when you are warming up at the bottom and at the top when you stop for a rest.

On Your Legs – Sports leggings are the best bet as they are not only comfortable but flexible too. You can wear normal cotton leggings if you prefer, but these tend not to be warm and won’t dry as quickly when it rains. Waterproof trousers are also a good idea as you can slip them on and off as you need – as the weather in Wales is quite changeable.

Hats and Gloves – In the cooler months any hats and gloves will do, but in winter you would probably be better off going for some ski gloves to make sure your hands are warm.


One piece of clothing you should invest in to walk up Snowdon, it’s a pair of good shoes. Wearing unsuitable shoes means you are likely to get a blister halfway up, and this will ruin the hike for you. A lot of people find hiking boots too heavy although they may be the best idea for those who have ankle or knee problems as they need the extra support. If you prefer something a bit more lightweight then try a pair of sports walking shoes which give you the grip you need for the slippy and steep surfaces


Bearing in mind, you will probably be up and down Snowdon in less than five hours; you can leave the huge backpacks at home. In your backpack should be about a litre of water, some sun cream (you might need it!), blister plasters, some high-energy snacks to keep you going, your phone and some painkillers (from personal experience our knees usually start to hurt on the way down).

If you do fancy walking up Snowdon, then why not book your caravan or motor home in at Plassey, so that you can relax in comfort afterwards? Call us today on 01978 780 277 or email us on enquiries@plassey.com

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