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Caravan Holidays in North Wales Celebrate Wales Year of the Legends

If you are considering caravan holidays in North Wales this year, then you may be interested to hear that 2017 is the Year of Legends for Wales. This is a campaign that has been set up by the Welsh Government Tourist Board in order to raise the profile of Wales and attract even more visitors to the area. They aim to do this by immersing visitors to the area in the epic story of wales and bringing some legendary experiences to life by:


  • Putting culture and heritage at the centre of the marketing campaign.
  • Building a truly distinctive identity for Wales.
  • Bringing the past to life like never before.


The main focus is going to be on the heritage and culture of Wales, with the Ken Skates, the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure being quoted as saying:

‘“The Year of Legends provides a platform for us to tell our story and promote our heritage and culture to the world and is the perfect opportunity for us to work across the tourism and arts sectors to find new and innovative ways of telling that story.

“2017 certainly isn’t about looking backwards, the Year of Legends is about bringing the past to life like never before, with cutting-edge innovation. It’s about creating and celebrating new Welsh legends modern-day personalities, products and events that are made in Wales, or enriched by coming here.

”This is an opportunity for communities across Wales to pull together and help us tell the story of Wales. The long-term vision is to take pride, and to strengthen and enhance the very fabric of the culture and communities we serve to promote in the first place, providing a firm basis for future legends to emerge.”

But what does all this mean for visitors to our caravan holiday park this year? Well it means they will have access to a wide range of creative activities that are scheduled to take place in Wales’s castles as well as 2 new major artworks of international repute.

The main focus will change throughout the year and will tend to follow the calendar below:


March & April – ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’

The new Hollywood movie featuring Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law was released in April, and so the beginning of the year will focus on some of the legendary film locations such as the imposing mountains of Snowdonia. Arthur was reputed to have killed the fearsome giant Rhitta on Mount Snowdon while Llyn Llydaw mountain lake is rumoured to be the final resting place of Excalibur. If you are lucky enough to see the film then see if you can spot Tryfan Mountain in the Ogwen Valley as filming took place here.


May and June – Sporting Legends

The whole of Wales was geared up for a legendary year for sport, with the UEFA Champions League final being hosted at Cardiff’s National Stadium of Wales on the 3rd June.  The same stadium also hosting the Women’s Champions League final two days earlier, which makes this time of year the perfect time to be celebrating Wales’s sporting legends.


July, August & September – Summer Festivals

Some of the best summer festivals in the UK take place in Wales, including Festival Number 6 at Portmeirion and the Green Man Festival. 2017 is also the 30th anniversary of the Hay Festival of great writing, the centenary of the death of Hedd Wyn the most celebrated Welsh language poets of the 20th century, and the 70 year anniversary celebrations of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

June will also see a wild weekend in Conwy as the city plays host to ‘The Tournament” a free weekend packed full of medieval markets, history camps and jousting. There will be live re-enactments and banquets and the chance to meet some real life archers, jesters, knights and vikings! The summer is definitely time to enjoy some legendary festival fun.


October, November and December – Food Legends

If you have ever visited Wales in the past you will know that our food is as legendary as our Castles – from Caerphilly cheese to Glamorgan sausages. Therefore, the last three months of the year will celebrate all of our nation’s gastronomic delights who make Wales such a great place to eat and drink.


For more information about what is happening in our local area this year, or to book a holiday at our holiday park please call us on 01978 780 277 or email us at enquiries@plassey.com

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