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Get Outdoors More in 2017

The New Year is here, and it is time to make some resolutions and commit to them! As one of the leading holiday parks North Wales, we love the great outdoors and are lucky to be surrounded by some of nature’s most beautiful scenery. We would, therefore, like to encourage you to make some resolutions that are outdoor related. Research has shown that only about 12 to 20% of resolutions are actually kept, so here are our suggestions for some easily achievable ones:


Take a Break & Leave Your Phone Behind

Even if you can only manage 15 minutes a day, get outside and leave your phone behind. Give your brain a break, take in some fresh air and get your blood pumping. Leaving your phone at home allows you to focus more on your surroundings, and can even enable you to come up with some new ways to look at things.


Take a Hike

There is nothing more rejuvenating for your brain and body than taking in nature’s natural beauty and seeing the world through your own eyes and not second hand through your computer. Get rid of all the distractions, head out with your caravan and experience nature at its finest. Take a walk under the stars, paddle about in a pond, and lose some of your holiday pounds by taking a hike.


Learn to Use a Compass

Not much else to say about this except that you should leave your electronic GPS behind, and go back to basics to get your brain working.


Draw on Experience

If you want to try something really new and adventurous or even if you are a seasoned traveller, why not hire someone to teach you something that would otherwise take you months to pick up? A fishing instructor can teach you the correct technique, for example, whereas a hiking guide can show you paths you would never otherwise have found. If you are not convinced you could be taught anything then think about the world’s best athletes – they still have coaches, don’t they? Everyone can learn something!



There are loads of organisations out there dedicated to looking after our natural spaces so why not lend a hand? Whether it be assisting in a wildlife rehabilitation programme, volunteering as a guide, or starting a petition to save a piece of land in your city – there are a million and one ways that you can get involved.


These are just a few suggestions of ways you can get outdoors more this year and have a more fulfilling 2017.

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