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How Are Plassey Holiday Park Trying to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about carbon footprints and how we can reduce them. This is something that many North Wales Holiday Parks  are concerned about. At Plassey Holiday Park, we are lucky enough to be located in one of the most naturally beautiful areas in the world, and we want to make sure that it stays that way. So, what is a carbon footprint, and what are we doing to reduce ours?

To put it simply, the term carbon footprint is used to describe the impact something will have on the environmental. The word ‘carbon’ covers all the different greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, while ‘footprint’ is used to describe the impact that something has. So, the bigger your carbon footprint, the more negative the impact on the environment.

Global warming has become a hot topic in recent years and one that many holiday parks in North Wales take great interest in. Research has shown that it is being caused by the release of certain types of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere; the most common being carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is emitted when fossil fuels are burnt in homes, factories or at power plants. Other greenhouse gases include; methane – which comes from agricultural areas and landfill sites, and nitrous oxide – which is more potent than carbon dioxide and tends to be released during various industrial processes and through some farming processes.

In the UK, recent figures show that the total impact of greenhouse gasses on the environment can be broken down as follows: carbon dioxide (86%), methane (7%), nitrous oxide (6%) and refrigerant gases (1%). As you can see from the ‘conservation‘ page on our website, Plassey is pretty unique when it comes to caravan sites near Wrexham. We consciously work towards achieving a David Bellamy Conservation Award every year, and are proud to have been awarded a Gold Award each year since 2002, for our conservation efforts; reducing our carbon footprint is just one part of this.

As part of our focus on conservation, we have been looking for an alternative way to heat our swimming pool for many years now. We are delighted to have found a much more environmentally friendly way to do this, and works are currently underway with the installation of 50 solar panels onto the swimming pool roof, which will be able to produce about 12.5kw of power. The power these panels produce can be used to run all the water pump and filter systems, with any excess electricity being pumped back into the National Grid. In addition to this, the solar panels will be used to power a large air source heat pump – this specialised equipment uses the “free heat energy” within the air and converts that energy into heating the pool water. It is so efficient that for every 1 unit of electricity used, it converts a further 4 units of energy direct from the air!

The solar panels and air source heat pump will greatly reduce our carbon footprint, and to cap this we are also in the process of installing a new ducted warm air system to the pool building, with all works to be completed and ready for opening on 11th March. This will ensure that our guests are satisfied with the warmth of the building as they are getting in and out of the pool.

When all combined, this will provide an amazing experience for our guests; this is something that we pride ourselves on. For more information about our luxury holiday park in North Wales and the conservation work that we do, please call us on 01978 780 277 or drop us an email at enquiries@plassey.com

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