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Welcoming our Holiday Park Guests to Help the Environment

Caring for the environment is a big issue these days, and rightly so. At Plassey, one of the leading North Wales Caravan Sites, our beautiful surroundings and the plants and animals within it, are part of what makes our site so special and beautiful for people caravanning in North Wales. Therefore, protecting the environment as much as we can, is very high on our list of priorities.

As well as the immediate environment of our caravan site in Wrexham, we also need to safeguard the surrounding countryside and be conscious about the wildlife that calls this area home. We are lucky enough to share our space with an abundance of local wildlife including bats, badgers, birds of prey, geese, hedgehogs, owls, stoats, wild duck and woodpeckers, to name but a few. It is our responsibility to take measures to protect the plants and animals in our vicinity and take action where necessary.

Part of our pledge to care for the environment is to minimise the impact we have on it and to maintain our beautiful caravan site for years to come, to ensure that future generations can enjoy the wildlife here as much as we do. As part of this pledge, we are proud be supporters of the David Bellamy Conservation Awards for the past 14 years, winning a gold award for our efforts every year! We work hard to protect the flora and fauna in and around our caravan site to provide a welcoming environment for wildlife, whilst giving visitors the chance to explore the interesting and unusual habitat they find themselves in when visiting us.

We have many environmental policies at Plassey, which you can learn more about by visiting the conservation page on our website. Our latest development is our new ‘Recycling & Refuse Zone,’ which is scheduled to be completed early 2017 (keep your ears open for more updates to follow). This new area will transform our park by confining the removal of refuse compounds across the park into a single location with better access, tree & shrub landscaping, and low & high-level lighting too. We feel that this is a great step forward in our efforts to ensure that all of the waste produced by our visitors is dealt with in the most environmentally friendly way.

Other recent projects have included installing an Air Source Heat Pump into the swimming pool, which has increased our energy savings by 70%, changing all of the lighting throughout the park to low energy bulbs and lighting the reception area with LEDs has also saved energy. In addition, we have recently finished a Welsh castle themed play area for our younger visitors, which was made from wood procured from sustainable European forests. Our staff now also use electric buggies which are silent and have zero emissions to show visitors to their pitches.

There are still lots of things that can be done to look after the environment, but we are pleased with the continual progress we are making to become a greener caravan site. More details on our environmental policies can be found on the conservation page on our website.

For more information about a holiday at one of the leading North Wales Caravan Sites, please call us on 01978 780 277 or drop us an email at enquiries@plassey.com

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