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Why Stay At A Dog Friendly Caravan Site in North Wales?

There are 9 million dogs kept as pets in the UK alone, which means that every year many householders face the tough question – what shall we do with the dog when we go on holiday? Well, if you are a dog owner, you will be pleased to hear that Plassey is one of the leading dog friendly caravan sites in North Wales.

But why do we love dogs so much? Well, they are loads of fun! Nothing makes us happier than to see our visitors spending time with their family and enjoying the great outdoors and dogs just bring everyone together. We quite often find that having dogs around makes our park stand out from all the other Holiday Parks in North Wales, in that there is an air of joy and happiness around the place – and who wouldn’t enjoy that? So go on, bring your best mate with four legs along and take a walk together through our two miles of nature trails, a stroll along the beach, or just hang around your caravan together and relax.

Another reason why we are one of only a few pet friendly caravan sites in North Wales is that we understand that you consider your pet to be another member of your family. As lovers of dogs ourselves, we know it can feel awful to leave them behind in a kennel and can sometimes even spoil a holiday. But, when you come to Plassey there is no need to feel that way, our dog friendly policy means that your dog comes with you and enjoy every moment of the holiday with you – making wonderful memories with both you and your family (and saving you money on kennel fees as well).

On a more serious note though, if you do decide to bring your dog on holiday with you, there are a few things you will need to remember to do and these are:

  • Do a health check – make sure all your pet’s vaccinations are up to date, and that they have been wormed recently.
  • Training – ensure that your dog is trained to come back when you call or whistle – we do have a Dog Exercise area where they are allowed off the lead but you don’t want them to be too unruly in an area where there is a chance they will interact with other dogs. As previously mentioned, we also have over two miles of nature trails that are specially designed for dogs as well, but they will have to be kept on the lead in this area as we have sheep and lambs in the surrounding fields.
  • Do a dummy run – if your dog isn’t used to forests or open countryside, then perhaps try taking them for a few walks somewhere different so that they can familiarise themselves with the sights and sounds.
  • Collar them – make sure your dog has a collar with your name, address and telephone number on it.
  • Remember bedding and towels – you want your dog to be as comfortable as you are, right? Then make sure you bring them some bedding and towels and a different set for outside than inside as well.

For more information on Plassey, one of the leading dog friendly caravan sites in North Wales, or any other questions you might have, please call us on 01978 780277 or email us at enquiries@plassey.com

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